Canada's Small Agency of the Year 2020 & 2021

Never doubt what small can do.

Nothing groundbreaking or world-changing starts that way. It starts small. One child. One scientific hunch. One dollar. One small step at a time, that grows into something big—something that can save lives.

In a time of 24-hour news and social media, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the crises and causes that need our support. What can one person’s donation really do? Especially somewhere like at BC Children’s Hospital, with the biggest challenge of all: conquering childhood illness. The answer is, a lot.

Inspired by the stories of and featuring cameos from some of BC Children’s littlest patients, this integrated campaign shows the power that even the smallest of acts can have—funding research grants, investing in innovative technology and discovering new treatment approaches for kids across BC and the Yukon.

Together, we’ll show the world: small is mighty.