The Vancouver Aquarium needed a brand campaign, but had no new exhibit to talk about. What they did have was 50,000+ lesser known, but no-less-interesting creatures ready for the spotlight.

A group of kids helped creative direct the entire campaign. After a tour of the aquarium, where they met creatures like the axolotl, spiny lumpsucker, and lionfish, each child sat down with local artist Katie So to describe what they saw. Katie had no previous knowledge or reference of what she was drawing, her sketches based solely on each child’s description.

The finished illustrations were turned into bus wraps, print ads, and out of home pieces that blanketed the city. Each piece was signed off by the child who helped create it.

Despite having no new exhibit to feature, the campaign helped the Aquarium increase attendance.

Currently, we are even working with a Canadian plush toy artist to transform the kids’ creations into stuffed animals that can be sold at the aquarium gift shop.