Canada's Small Agency of the Year 2020 & 2021

Even a short visit to British Columbia can be transformative. Surrounded by mountains, ocean, and the world’s largest coastal temperate rainforest, it’s easy to feel happier and less stressed.

But according to science, the benefits go deeper. In as little as three days, measurable cognitive changes begin to occur, making you a better problem solver and creative thinker.

Inspired by this theory, we created the British Columbia Effect, a campaign to show the healing effects of nature not through studies or statistics, but through the actual BC experience of two busy LA Top Chefs, Brooke Williamson and Casey Thompson.

The campaign followed Brooke and Casey as they explored the coast of Vancouver Island, harvesting local mushrooms, sleeping out at a remote camp, bear watching, and taking a traditional canoe ride with local Indigenous guide Tsimka Martin, reflecting every night on how British Columbia’s wild had affected their well-being.